Civilian Deaths

Andrew Edward Tollerton, 1914-1941

4th cousin twice removed (Maternal)

Born 23 Apr 1914 in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England to Alfred James Tollerton and Rose Hannah Brumby. Andrew was the youngest of seven children. A Labourer at an RAF Station in Lincoln, he was married on 31 Mar 1938  to Elsie Louise Lincoln and they had a daughter named Elsie Gwendoline Rose Tollerton who sadly died with her father on 9 May 1941 in an enemy air strike on their home town. They died at 26 Westwick gardens which was their home address. They were buried together at Canwick Road New Cemetery on 13 May 1941. Andrew had another daughter with Elsie that he never met as she was born shortly after his death. She was called Christine Mary Joy Tollerton. Andrew’s wife Elsie remarried to a man named Cyril Pinnington.

Arthur Worrell, 1909-1941

4th cousin twice removed (Maternal)

Born 24 Feb 1909 in Waddingham, Lincolnshire, England to George William Worrell and Mary Harrison. He was a Ball Bearing Machinist living at Chestnut Cottages in Nottinghamshire shortly before death. He was married to Audrey Wright and they had one son named Geoffrey A Worrell. One of his brothers, Thomas William Worrell had already lost his life in 1917 during World War 1 and Arthur was now a casualty of war despite being a civilian. He lost his life on 7 Mar 1941 at Ransome and Marles, Beacon Hill, Nottinghamshire. His wife Audrey remarried a few years later to a man named Peter Reilly.

Bernard James Staveley, 1916-1941

4th cousin twice removed (Paternal)

The only son and one of two children in total born to John James Staveley and Carrie Lonsdale. Born in Sculcoates, Yorkshire, England and husband to Joan Marguerite Dunling who is also listed on this page. Bernard and Joan were newlyweds celebrating their first year of marriage. They were living at 17 Braemar Avenue, Endike Lane in Kingston-upon-Hull when they both lost their lives n 13 Mar 1941. They both died at the rear of Braemar Avenue. Bernard was 25 and Joan was 22.

Elsie Gwendoline Rose Tollerton, 1838-1941

5th cousin once removed (Maternal)

Born 16 Oct 1938 in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England to Andrew Edward Tollerton and Elsie Louise Lincoln. Elsie was only two years old when she sadly lost her life during an enemy air strike along with her father on 9 May 1941 at their family home of 26 Westwick Gardens in Lincoln. She never lived to meet her younger sister who was born later that same year. She was buried alongside her father in Cannock Road New Cemetery on 13 May 1941.

Emily Ann Holt, 1894-1940

Wife of 3rd cousin 3 times removed (Maternal)

Daughter of Edward John Wells Holt and Hannah Walton. Born 10 Jan 1894 in Plaistow, Essex, England and first wife of Reginald William Flack, a Tailor and Royal Air Force Man from Cambridgeshire. They had two daughters together – Kathleen Joan and Winifred Mary Flack. At the time of Emily’s death, she was living with her husband Reginald and youngest daughter Winifred in Wandsworth, London at 112 Alderbrook Road and her husband was working as a Driver for the London Passenger Transport Board. Emily was killed on 14 Oct 1940 at Balham Tube Station along with her daughter Winifred. She was 46 years old and her daughter was 20. She was buried at Wandsworth Cemetery and is also one of the names listed on the Roll of Honour to the civilian dead in St George’s Chapel, Westminster Abbey. Her husband re-married the following year to a woman named Mary Day.

Heather Overfield, 1936-1941

1st cousin once removed of sister-in-law (P)

Born 15 Aug 1936 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England to Kenneth Leonard Overfield and Ivy Louisa Clements. She was their only child and Heather at only four years old lost her life along with her mother Ivy on the night of 17 Mar 1941 at her home address of 1 Sydenham Road, Cotham, Gloucestershire.

Ivy Louisa Clements, 1905-1941

Great Aunt of sister-in-law (P)

Born 21 Dec 1905 in Woolwich, Kent, England to William Charles Clements and Emily Louise Tucker. She married Kenneth Leonard Overfield on the 24 Dec 1933 in Redfield, Gloucestershire and they had one daughter together named Heather. Sadly, both Ivy and their daughter Heather lost their lives on 17 Mar 1941 at their home address of 1 Sydenham Road in Cotham, Gloucestershire. As with all the other civilian casualties of WW2, their names lie on the Roll of Honour to the civilian dead in St George’s Chapel, Westminster Abbey.

Joan Marguerite Dunling, 1918-1941

Wife of 4th cousin twice  removed (Paternal)

Born 12 Dec 1918 in Sculcoates, Yorkshire, England to David Dunling and Clarice M Savill. In 1940 Joan was married to Bernard James Staveley who is also listed above. They had only been married for a year when they both lost their lives together on 13 Mar 1941 in Kingston-upon-Hull at the rear of Braemar Avenur where they lived. Joan was the only daughter for her parents and had two brothers.

Malcolm Scott, 1939-1944

Step-2nd Great Grandson of 1st cousin 5 times removed of son-in-law

Malcolm was the first of four children born to Ralph Scott and Margery Wilkinson. He was born 13 Apr 1939 in Freckleton, Lancashire, England and he was just 5 years of age when he lost his life in the Freckleton Air Disaster of 1944 in which an American Bomber ran into trouble on a routine test flight and crashed over the village of Freckleton destroying the reception class of the school that Malcolm was in attendance at killing him and 60 other individuals predominantly children. An online article remembering the disaster can be read HERE. All of the victims were buried together in a mass grave at Holy Trinity Churchyard in Freckleton and a memorial was erected bearing all their names.

Mary Ann Mullen, 1882-1943

Wife of 2nd Great Uncle of husband (Maternal)

Mary was born 19 May 1882 in Inverness, Scotland to William Mullen and Mary Ann Williamson. As far as I can tell she was one of seven children and was the former wife of a Lauchlan Bruce who had passed away in 1914. In 1923. She became the third wife of Richard Kelbie, son of Francis Kelbie and Elizabeth Ironside and was living  at 33 Charles Street in Aberdeen when she was killed around the 21 April 1943. She was 59 years of age.

Olive Mary Caffyn, 1914-1944

3rd cousin twice removed of ex-husband (Paternal)

Olive was the youngest of three daughters born to Archibald Charles Caffyn and Nellie Flaxman Towner. She was born 18 Jul 1914 in Windsor, Berkshire, England. Her father had served on the home front as a Corporal with the Army Pay Corps during World War 1. Olive died at 142 Uxbridge Road on 21 Jul 1944, aged 30. She had never married. She was buried in the same grave as her parents at the New Cemetery in Ealing, Middlesex, England. Her name is amongst those listed in the Civilian War Dead Roll of Honour that lies in St George’s Chapel in Westminister Abbey, London.

William Atkinson Shaw, 1900-1941

1st cousin 3 times removed (Maternal)

One of five sons born to Thomas Shaw and Fanny Atkinson. Born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, England. One of his older brothers Albert Edward Shaw had lost his life at aged 19 in 1917 during World War 1. In 1939, William was living at 14 Cheltenham Terrace in Newcastle and was working as an Electrician. He was killed at Cheltenham Terrace on 25 Apr 1941 whilst performing his duties as an Air Raid Warden. Another brother, Thomas Shaw, also an Air Raid Warden lost his life that same night making it a total of 3 brothers lost to this family as a result of war. William was aged 40 at his death and had never married.

Winifred Mary Flack, 1920-1940

4th cousin twice removed (Maternal)

Winifred was the younger daughter of two born to Reginald William Flack and Emily Ann Holt. She was born 14 Apr 1920 in Marylebone, London, England. Just prior to her death, she was living with her parents at 112 Alderbrook Road in Wandsworth, London and was working as a Wool Shop Assistant. She was 20 years old and single. She died along with her mother Emily on 14 Oct 1940 at Balham Tube Station. She is buried in Wandsworth Cemetery and is remembered on the Roll of Honour at St George’s Chapel in Westminster Abbey.


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