About Us

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My name is Louise Butterworth and first and foremost I am a wife and mother. I have a deep and abiding passion for family history research and have been researching my own family for over 20 years. I have helped many over that course of time find their own family connections and decided it was about time I shared my passion and used my skills to help support my family and bring that joy and experience that I have felt to others either through my blog which hopes to inspire with stories of my own experience whilst researching or through the services I hope to offer in the future as a personal researcher discovering your family histories.

DSC_0278My husband Stuart is the man behind all the tech. I’m fabulous at what I know and rubbish at what I don’t so he is the man who fills the gaps in my knowledge and talks a language I don’t understand and together we make a great team.

When researching, I like to think that your family become my family. I am a woman of faith for whom family holds significance and meaning beyond this mortal veil and so believe we are all connected. That motivation impacts my approach to research and I will research your family with the same love, respect and passion as I would my own.