Middlemore Boys

This post has been inspired by some reading I was engaged in this week. Whilst browsing through a social media site I was directed to a really interesting article; if somewhat very sad, about the plight of many British Home Children in Canada. British Home Children is the term used to describe … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Great Aunt Mary

Happy Birthday to my Great Aunt Mary Elizabeth Monaghan nee Batters born¬†#onthisday¬†100 years ago. She worked in the Textile Mills and married during World War II to Jack Monaghan. She was one of twelve children born to Great Grandparents Walter Batters and Martha Elizabeth Ellis, four of whom … Continue reading

Prompted by a Dream

Been a busy few weeks working on a large-scale project but had to write about the discovery of the week that came about really because of a dream I had a while back. Some branches of my tree seem to come so easily that it feels at times as if ancestors are throwing themselves at me whilst there are … Continue reading

Welcome New Visitors

We've had a slew of visitors over the past couple of hours after one of Louise's posts was shared on Facebook by a large, national-level history organisation, so I thought I had better put a note up here. There haven't been any major posts on the site for a while, but fairly regular minor pieces … Continue reading

The Gift That Kept On Giving

For me family is everything. The most important people in the world are the ones immediately akin to you and you should "do or die" for them. That is the strength of feeling I have about my family and that attitude has given rise to some incredible family moments over the years that have reinforced … Continue reading