On This Day – 15th March 1916

Joyce Marian Howe, 1916-1998

If she was still alive today then she would be celebrating her 104th birthday today. As it is, she lived to what can be considered a good long life anyway since she lived to the age of 82 but on this day in 1916 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, Joyce Marian Howe was born to Spencer Howe and Ethel May Robinson. Spencer and Ethel had three children of which Joyce was the eldest and all three of the Howe children are pictured here with their father, Joyce standing over to the right of her father with her sister Bettine on the left and her brother Alan in dad’s arms.

(Spencer Howe with children Joyce [on right], Bettine [on left] and Alan [in dad’s arms])

I know little of Joyce really given the lack of records about her but she was known as Joy to close family and in 1939 she was working as a Cashier’s Clerk as well as a volunteer nursing reservist for the Air Raid Patrol which I imagine has something to do with the uniform she is seen wearing in the first image. She never married and died in Hastings, Sussex, England in 1998. She was my 3rd cousin twice removed on my mother’s side with her Great Great Grandfather Walter Metcalfe (b.1780) being my 4th Great Grandfather. The images were kindly shared with me by Jeremy Wadia whose Grandmother was Bettine and so he is my 5th cousin.

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