If you have been researching your family history for a long time then some individuals, stories or discoveries become more memorable to you than others. There is a lady I have never had the pleasure of meeting but for whom I have a particular affection for – dear Clariss!

(Clariss Brown, 1882-1972)

In my previous post I spoke of a treasured letter my former father-in-law sent me in which I found snippets of information that would ultimately open up to a world of discovery for me. It was in that letter that I first found Clariss. She was my father-in-law’s Grandmother and was at that stage just a name with an approximate year of birth coupled with some information relating to her husbands and children. This was the limit of my father-in-law’s knowledge about his mother’s family and it extended no further. Continue reading

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Hello World!

Every blog has to start somewhere and so today I thought it was apt to start this journey on a day where I am celebrating the birth of my only son. Birthdays bring memories and my memories are all caught up with family and this birthday marked the true beginning of my journey into family history research.

baby-scan-17-jan-1995(Baby Scan – 17th Jan 1995)

On a day much hotter than today 21 years ago, my boy entered this world looking like he had been on holiday somewhere hot as he had pinched all my iron and had a golden tan already. He was perfection and a ray of light at a time that was one of the darkest periods in my life. When he was born I was already separated from his dad and divorce followed not long after his birth. It was a difficult time. He had an older sister and we were now on our own and I wasn’t sure I could do this parenting thing on my own. Twenty-one years is perfect hindsight because I now see that I could but back then in the moment, my world was a very scary place to be.  Continue reading

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