On This Day – 13th March 1915

Harry Bellfield Peaker, 1915-2001

Some years ago now I made contact with a Patricia Hargreaves from New Zealand whilst researching my Brumby family line. Patricia turned out to be as big a genealogy boffin as I was and is my 5th cousin once removed and so became a wonderful friend and resource on this journey.

On this day in 1915 in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England, Harry Bellfield Peaker was born. He is pictured above and below with his wife Winifred Joan Scarll. Patricia’s mum Doreen Ivy Scarll was cousin to Winifred; who went by her middle name of Joan, and the Scarll line features very heavily on my side of the family tree. Winifred (or Joan) is my 4th cousin twice removed with her 3rd Great Grandfather John Brumby (1750-1816) being my 5th Great Grandfather on my mother’s side.

(Winifred Joan Scarll, my 4th cousin twice removed and husband Harry Bellfield Peaker)

Patricia has shared so many pictures and history with me on the Scarll family that I feel like I really know them very well despite never having met any of them. When they married in 1948, Harry and Joan moved to Kirton in Lindsey, Lincolnshire to teach at the village school together. Harry was the headmaster and Joan taught music and needlework there. They had no children but were influential in the lives of many and between them they seem to have a lot of interests and hobbies akin to my own including a shared love of family history and I include here the image of Harry Peaker with Harry Coster (the husband of Joan’s half first cousin Vera Scarll) because it reflects that shared interest in particular. They are pictured in 1982 on a return journey back from Norfolk after one of their expeditions to research the Scarll family tree. So many family historians to be found on these Scarll/Brumby lines – it’s definitely in the blood!

(Harry Peaker and Harry Coster pictured in 1982 returning home from an ancestor hunt in Norfolk)

All images were shared with me by Patricia Hargreaves and the first two came to me as black and white images but have been colourised using the DeOldify app at www.myheritage.com

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