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      1. Hi, he was also the brother of my late Grandfather, Douglas Childerley, who was the youngest sibling. I am the only Childerley still living in Coton . They were members of a large family.

          1. Glad you like the image Terry – they were a large family indeed – on both sides. Great Uncle Sidney’s wife Doris was one of six children herself with an additional 6 half-siblings

          2. The Childerley family originated from Eltisley and i have seen records back to 1636. I know that my great, great grandfather moved to girton, and my great grandfather, (Sid’s father) moved to Coton from there, but i seem to think that he might have been born in Eltisley as well. There are online records of graves in the Eltisley churchyard. There are a lot of Childerley’s buried there. The only other strange thing is that there was a female Childerley married in Coton in the 1600’s. There is an updated handwritten record of the Coton church records just inside the church.

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