On This Day – 2nd March 1855

William Fielding, 1855-1902

William Fielding, 1855-1902

On this day today in 1855, my Great Aunt Barbara Broad’s Great Grandfather William Fielding was born in Wigan to Isaac Fielding and Mary Molyneux.
Son of a coal miner and a coal miner himself, he was married to Mary Skellern and had 10 children, the youngest of whom was born in 1900 just two years before William’s death in 1902 at just 47 years of age.
He is pictured here with his wife Mary and 2 of his children.
His wife Mary re-married following William’s death to a man whom himself was a widower and had had 11 children with his first wife making 21 children in their new blended family!
I did my latest favourite thing to do with photos and colourised the original image which adds a whole new dimension I think.
(Thanks go to Alan Broad, Great Grandson of William for this image) William Fielding, his wife Mary, and 2 of their children

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