On This Day – 7th March 1924


(Image courtesy of rivica at Ancestry Family Trees – with thanks)

Ruby Jaquest, 1924-2004

On this day in 1924 Ruby Jaquest was born in Selby, Yorkshire, England to William Arthur Jaquest, a Flour Mill Labourer and his wife Mary Elizabeth Baines. She was the second of six children and my 4th cousin once removed with her 3x Great Grandfather Henry Cole being my maternal 4x Great Grandfather. Very little else is known (by me at least) about Ruby. I have this picture of her which was shared by a closer descendant on the Jaquest line and I have a picture of her Grave marker but she died in 2004 aged 80 having never married and never having had children so official records detailing anything on her life are scarce. I look at her image and wish I knew more about her life – what she did for work, her hobbies, talents, education, where she has been and what she has accomplished. I am sure and would hope that there are closer family members who do know more detail but I just find a sadness in having only these two images of her and knowing nothing else of what happened in between those two points in her life. We all deserve to be remembered. Her grave marker says “sadly missed” indicating she made an impact and difference to someone. Record the stories and memories as well as the pictures of your life. I guarantee there will be someone who will be interested in these things long after you have passed on. Thankful to have these memories at least – so many names I cannot put a picture to.

(Grave Marker for Ruby Jaquest, 1924-2004 at Selby Cemetery in Selby, Yorkshire, England. Image courtesy of Charlie at www.findagrave.com. The marker sits on the grave of parents William Arthur and Mary Elizabeth Jaquest)

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