On This Day – 6th March 1930

Elizabeth Weir, 1930-1992

On this day in 1930, Elizabeth Weir, the seventh of eight children for Archibald Weir and Henrietta Robinson was born in Belfast, Ireland. She is pictured here at her younger sister Dorothy’s wedding to Thomas Dealy in 1953 stood next to her sister and also carrying a bouquet. Wedding pictures are wonderful as you usually get a number of family members grouped together on the one image and 4 Weir sisters appear on this image. She was the 1st cousin twice removed of my first husband to whom I am no longer married. I continue to research his side of the family for the sake of our children. The Henrietta Robinson I mention above was the sister to my former husband’s maternal Great Grandmother Margaret “Louie” Robinson. I promised my former mother-in-law I would try to continue researching her Irish roots many years ago but it was so much more difficult then and information wasn’t easy to come by. Years later and the development of Family History Technology has opened the doors and is knocking down those brick walls finally and I now know so much more but am sadly just a little too late to share the findings with my former mother-in-law who passed away herself just short of a year ago. Thanks go to Rita Wilde, another Weir family descendant who shared this image with me and to whom has been most helpful in helping me fill out the gaps in my knowledge and also sharing further treasured images with me.

(Thomas Dealy and Dorothy Weir’s Wedding Day – 4 Apr 1953, Belfast, Ireland. Dorothy and Thomas are pictured in the centre as bride and groom. Dorothy’s sister Margaret Weir is pictured far left, Nelly Weir, far right and Elizabeth Weir is stood to the right of Dorothy.)

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