On This Day – 4th March 1887

Clifford Allen Aston, 1887 – 1942

On this day in 1887 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA, Clifford Allen Aston was born – the eighth of nine children for Joseph Henry Aston and Emma Cornfield Revis. He was my 2nd cousin 3 times removed and descends from one of the major and most heavily researched branches in my tree – the Doo family. He worked as a Millhand and later as a Letter Carrier for the Post Office and was an ordinary family man. I love this picture of him with 2 of his 4 children. (His first two children died in infancy) taken at Mason Lake on what appears to be a family holiday. It just speaks of the joy of family life, summer days and carefree childhood adventures.

(Thanks to descendants of Clifford for sharing these images)

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